About Us

We are a global health care company striving to adopt innovative and modern practices in the health care arena. Since its inception, Reckon health care has been involved in delivering the best quality products, solutions and services. Our range of products caters to important health needs from infancy to elderly. We believe that our ability to excel heavily depends on our integrity, imagination, knowledge, skills, continuous improvement and team work.

We give the highest priority to ethics and social responsibility and understand that we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to fulfill towards societies. We believe that our business is preserving and improving human life by offering innovative and modern practices in health care.


We have three products lines, the consumer product line includes first aid bandages, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent and household gloves. The hospital product line includes disinfectants, IV catheters, surgical and examination gloves and surgical dressings. The pharmaceutical line includes a range of nutraceutical/ health supplements, probiotics and antibiotics. The products portfolio is designed after careful research and offers the best in their category in terms of features, benefits and prices. These innovative health care products are manufactured under strict quality control and in light of WHO and CDC guidelines on GMP manufacturing facilities having FDA, CE, ISO and other environmental certifications as applicable and where appropriate.  Bench marks for highest quality and safety standards are maintained for effective products manufacturing along with responsible sales and marketing activities. We are committed to total quality management through continuous improvement and performance measurement.