Reckon Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere whether you see them or not. They are on door handles, elevator buttons and most germs spread by hands. Spread of germs is common in hospitals, work places, schools and other public places. When washing your hands with water and soap isn’t an option, RECKON hand sanitizer is the solution.

Protect your hands from common germs and bacteria that may cause illness wherever you go – even to places where soap and water is not available. RECKON hand sanitizer instantly KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS with refreshing and Skin friendly formulation and leaves hands soft.


RECKON hand sanitizer is manufactured in light of WHO and CDCrecommendations by a GMP-certified manufacturer of high-class products as we are geared to international quality and occupational health and safety standards.


RECKON hand sanitizer with the right concentration of Ethyl alcohol along with humectants, gel agent, neutralization agent, wetting agent, preservatives, light fresh perfume and aloe vera not only helps you to meet standards of modern hand hygiene but leaves your hands soft.

RECKON instant hand sanitizer gives you proven performance, friendly formulation, economic value and sustainable packaging. Our innovative and modern practices always aim to save lives and make them better with advanced hand hygiene products.


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